CANSIM - Help (tables found)

Help using this page - Search results

Searches most often result in more than one table. To continue you have to select the table you wish to extract data from (by selecting the table number). By default, the list is sorted by table number, to sort by alphabetical order select the triangle next to "title".

By selecting control + F on your keyboard you can find to look for specific text within the search results. This is particularly useful when the list of tables contains many tables arranged in no particular order.

Some table titles may be followed by one or more status designations:

  • Terminated refers to a table no longer being updated.
  • Frozen refers to a table whose data is temporarily restricted from access.

Note: If you receive the error message "The table is frozen. Data are not available to users". This indicates that the table is frozen. This also means that unless you have the proper access rights you will not be able to access any data from the table. Select back to return to the main page.

Note: If you want to refine your research, select Search within results button. Text search is the only method that allows you to query your initial results.