CANSIM - Combine series

You may select additional series from any table on the database. These series will be added to the list of series you have already selected, but the combined list of series can only be used in the Time Series view

Any retrieval done using the Table view uses only data selected from the most recently retrieved table.

You can find tables of interest by entering a few words in the textbox and select Search. You can also invoke one of the two Browse methods by using the corresponding button. Note that the search box will also accept CANSIM table numbers (for example: 282-0001) and series numbers (for example: v1,v2,v3).

Unless you enter individual series numbers (sometimes also referred to as vector numbers), the result of a search is a list of one or more tables. Selecting a table from the list opens it and allows you to subset it by selecting members of interest from its dimensions.

Select the type of search you want to perform by selecting the radio button:

  • Exact phrase: looks for the exact string you type including punctuation and spaces.
  • All of these words: looks for tables that contain all the words you enter (functions like the Boolean AND).
  • Any of these words: looks for tables that contain any of the words you enter (functions like the Boolean OR).

Enter the phrase or word(s) you are searching for then select the Search button. The results of the search will be the same whether you use upper-case or lower-case letters or whether you use accents or not.

Note that a link to the Advanced search feature is also available, if you need more control over a word search. Show less...