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Record number Survey or statistical program title
3250  Aboriginal Peoples Survey
2334  Accounting Services Price Index
1539  Activities of Canadian Majority-Owned Affiliates Abroad
5230  Activities of Foreign Majority-Owned Affiliates in Canada
3306  Adult Correctional Services
5145  Agricultural Water Survey
3447  Agriculture Taxation Data Program
5030  Agriculture Value Added Account
2705  Air Charter Statistics
2703  Air Passenger Origin and Destination, Canada-U.S.A.
2715  Aircraft Movement Statistics
2701  Airport Activity Survey
2728  Annual Cable Television Survey
2803  Annual Capital and Repair Expenditures Survey: Actual, Preliminary Actual and Intentions
3608  Annual Demographic Estimates : Subprovincial Areas
3604  Annual Demographic Estimates: Canada, Provinces and Territories
2193  Annual Electric Power Generating Stations Survey
2194  Annual Electricity Supply and Disposition Survey
2167  Annual End-Use of Natural Gas Survey
3416  Annual Greenhouse, Sod and Nursery Survey
5089  Annual Head Office Survey
4105  Annual Income Estimates for Census Families and Individuals (T1 Family File)
5047  Annual Industrial Consumption of Energy Survey
4101  Annual Migration Estimates by Census Division/Census Metropolitan Area
2448  Annual Non-store Retail Survey
2178  Annual Oil and Gas Extraction Survey
2798  Annual Passenger Bus and Urban Transit Survey
2118  Annual Production of Soft Drinks
2447  Annual Retail Trade Survey
2196  Annual Survey of Electric Power Thermal Generating Station Fuel Consumption
2107  Annual Survey of Forestry
4303  Annual Survey of Internet Service Providers and Related Services
2103  Annual Survey of Manufacturing and Logging Industries
4201  Annual Survey of Research and Development in Canadian Industry
2424  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Personal Services
2418  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Accommodation Services
4716  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Accounting Services
2437  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Advertising and Related Services
2425  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Amusement and Recreation
2420  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Architectural Services
2442  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Automotive Equipment Rental and Leasing
4721  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Automotive Repair and Maintenance Services
2441  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing
4717  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Consulting Services
2434  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Consumer Goods Rental
4718  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Employment Services
2439  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Engineering Services
4704  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Food Services and Drinking Places
3107  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Heritage Institutions
4706  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Appraisers and Other Real Estate Activities
4705  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Real Estate Rental and Leasing and Property Management
4720  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Repair and Maintenance Services
4722  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Repair and Maintenance Services Excluding Automotive
2410  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Software Development and Computer Services
4719  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Specialized Design
5132  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Spectator Sports, Event Promoters, Artists and Related Industries
4715  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Surveying and Mapping
4714  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Translation and Interpretation Services
2423  Annual Survey of Service Industries: Travel Arrangement Services
2722  Annual Survey of Telecommunications
4701  Annual Survey of the Aquaculture Industry
2168  Annual Survey on End-Use of Refined Petroleum Products
2742  Annual Trucking Survey
2445  Annual Wholesale Trade Survey
2330  Apartment Building Construction Price Index
3479  Aquaculture, production and value, Annual
5196  Architectural, Engineering and Related Services Price Index
2123  Asphalt Roofing
3465  Atlantic Agriculture Survey
1141  Average Fair Market Value/Purchase Price for New Homes in Canada - Data from GST Administrative Records
5029  Balance Sheet of the Agricultural Sector at December 31
7502  Bank of Canada
2514  Biannual Survey of Suppliers of Business Financing
5149  Biennial Drinking Water Plants Survey
1903  Biennial Environmental Protection Expenditures Survey
4226  Biotechnology Use and Development Survey
2802  Building Permits Survey
2152  Business Conditions Survey for the Manufacturing Industries
5050  Business Conditions Survey for the Traveller Accommodation Industry
1105  Business Register
7505  Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
7519  Canada Revenue Agency
1534  Canada's Balance of International Payments
1537  Canada's International Investment Position
1535  Canada's International Transactions in Securities
1536  Canada's International Transactions in Services
2927  Canadian Aquaculture Industry Survey
3207  Canadian Cancer Registry
2713  Canadian Civil Aviation - Annual Report
3226  Canadian Community Health Survey - Annual Component
5146  Canadian Community Health Survey - Healthy Aging
5015  Canadian Community Health Survey - Mental Health
5049  Canadian Community Health Survey - Nutrition
1601  Canadian Composite Leading Indicator
5218  Canadian Government Finance Statistics
5071  Canadian Health Measures Survey
5257  Canadian Housing Statistics Program
5200  Canadian Income Survey
2202  Canadian International Merchandise Trade (Balance of Payments Basis)
2201  Canadian International Merchandise Trade (Customs Basis)
4432  Canadian Internet Use Survey
7507  Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc.
7516  Canadian Petroleum and Marketable Natural Gas Reserves
7518  Canadian Pulp and Paper Association
3251  Canadian Survey on Disability
5114  Canadian System of Environmental and Resource Accounts - Natural Resource Asset Accounts
5115  Canadian System of Environmental-Economic Accounts - Physical Flow Accounts
7512  Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association
2821  Capacity Utilization Rates
2140  Cement Survey
3438  Census of Agriculture
8012  Census of Agriculture: Environmental Geography Aggregations of Census Farm Units
3901  Census of Population
2608  Census of Trusteed Pension Funds
3428  Census of Wildlife Pelt Production
2314  Chemical and Mineral Process Plant Price Indexes
2315  Chemical and Petrochemical Process Plant Price Index
5052  Civil Court Survey
2751  Coastwise Shipping Survey
5137  Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing Services Price Index
5123  Commercial Rents Services Price Index
5068  Commercial Software Price Index
3464  Commercial Stocks of Corn and Soybeans Survey
3476  Commercial Stocks of the Major Special Crops Survey
3122  Community College Student Information System
5032  Computer and peripherals price indexes
2187  Confectionery
1709  Consolidated Government Financial Assets and Liabilities
1735  Consolidated Government Revenue and Expenditures
2324  Construction Building Materials Price Index
2138  Construction Type Plywood
2307  Construction Union Wage Rate Index
2328  Consulting Engineering Services Price Index
5194  Consulting Services Price Index
2301  Consumer Price Index
1726  Control and Sale of Alcoholic Beverages in Canada
2506  Corporation Financial Statistics
2507  Corporation Taxation Statistics
2502  Corporations and Labour Unions Returns Act , Part 2 - Labour Unions
2503  Corporations Returns Act
3313  Corrections Key Indicator Report for Adults and Youth
7520  Council of Ministers of Education, Canada
2704  Coupon Passenger Origin and Destination Report - Other Unit Toll Services
5064  Couriers and Messengers Services Price Index
5177  Crop Condition Assessment Program
2198  Crude Oil and Natural Gas
7514  Department of Finance
5229  Direct Payments to Agriculture Producers
2405  Direct Selling in Canada
2184  Disposition of Shipments of Ingots and Rolled Steel Products
3144  Education Price Index
3421  Egg Producers Survey
2325  Electric Power Selling Price Indexes for Non-residential Customers
2316  Electric Utility Construction Price Index
5102  Elementary-Secondary Education Survey
7504  Employment and Social Development Canada
7538  Employment and Social Development Canada, Homeless Shelters
2604  Employment Insurance Statistics - Monthly
4205  Energy Research and Development Expenditures by Area of Technology
5157  Entrepreneurship Indicators Database
7531  Environment Canada - Temperature and Precipitation
2602  Estimates of Labour Income
3605  Estimates of population, by marital status or legal marital Status, age and sex for July 1, Canada, provinces and territories
3606  Estimates of the number of census families for July 1st, Canada, provinces and territories
3603  Estimates of Total Population for Canada, the Provinces and the Territories
2304  Fabricated Structural Steel Price Indexes
2192  Factory Shipments of High Pressure Decorative Laminate Sheet
2708  Fare Basis Survey
5031  Farm Business Cash Flows
3437  Farm Cash Receipts
3472  Farm Debt Outstanding
3450  Farm Financial Survey
3474  Farm Income in Kind, by Item
2305  Farm Input Price Index
5214  Farm Operating Expenses and Depreciation Charges
5040  Farm Product Price Index
3436  Farm Product Prices Survey
4212  Federal Science Expenditures and Personnel, Activities in the Social Sciences and Natural Sciences
5046  Feed Grain Purchases
5148  Fertilizer Shipments Survey
3401  Field Crop Reporting Series: November 2017 Farm Survey
1730  Finances of Government Business Enterprises
2510  Financial and Taxation Statistics for Enterprises
4106  Financial Data and Charitable Donations, Preliminary T1 Family File
1804  Financial Flow Accounts
3146  Financial Information of Community Colleges and Vocational Schools
3121  Financial Information of Universities and Colleges Survey
2125  Floor Tiles
3475  Food Availability (per person)
2119  Footwear Statistics
5136  For-hire Motor Carrier Freight Services Price Index
3442  Forage Seed Usage Survey
5005  Frontier Counts
3407  Fruits and Vegetables Survey
2749  Fuel Consumption Survey
3426  Fur Farm Report - Mink and Foxes
2746  Gasoline and Other Petroleum Fuels Sold
4502  General Social Survey - Caregiving and Care Receiving
4501  General Social Survey - Family
4430  General Social Survey - Giving, Volunteering and Participating
5024  General Social Survey - Social Identity
4503  General Social Survey - Time Use
4504  General Social Survey - Victimization
5221  General Social Survey : Canadians at Work and Home
5174  Government Finance Statistics
5153  Grain Used for Industrial Purposes Survey
5198  Gross Domestic Expenditures on Research and Development
1302  Gross Domestic Product by Industry - Annual
1301  Gross Domestic Product by Industry - National (Monthly)
1303  Gross Domestic Product by Industry - Provincial and Territorial (Annual)
2109  Gypsum Products
2122  Hardboard
5002  Health Services Access Survey
2606  Help Wanted Index Survey
5109  Higher Education Research and Development Estimates
2311  Highway Construction Price Indexes
3315  Homicide Survey
3419  Honey Production, Value and Colonies
3203  Hospital Morbidity Database
3881  Households and the Environment Survey
2183  Industrial Chemicals and Synthetic Resins
2318  Industrial Product Price Index
5120  Industrial Water Survey
2333  Informatics Professional Services Price Indexes
5212  Infrastructure Construction Price Index
3312  Integrated Criminal Court Survey
2744  Intercity and Rural Passenger Bus Survey
7517  International Energy Production and Reserves
2203  International Merchandise Trade Price Index
3152  International Travel Survey: Electronic questionnaires and Air Exit Survey
3425  Inventory Statement of Frozen Eggs, Poultry and Edible Dried Egg Products (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Data)
5239  Investment Banking Services Price Index
5155  Investment in New Housing Construction
5014  Investment in Non-residential Building Construction
5217  Job Vacancy and Wage Survey
5202  Job Vacancy Statistics
3701  Labour Force Survey
5042  Labour Productivity Measures - National (Quarterly)
5103  Labour Productivity Measures - Provinces and Territories (Annual)
7525  Land Cover Statistics from Natural Resources Canada
3405  Leaf Tobacco Area, Production and Value
3308  Legal Aid Survey
3460  Livestock Survey
4107  Longitudinal Administrative Databank
8013  Longitudinal Employment Analysis Program
5057  Longitudinal Immigration Database
2312  Machinery and Equipment Price Index
3324  Maintenance Enforcement Survey
3414  Maple Products
2791  Marine International Freight Origin and Destination Survey
3432  Milk Sold Off Farms and Cash Receipts from the Sale of Milk
3443  Miller's Annual Report
2110  Mineral Wool Including Fibrous Glass Insulation
5026  Monthly Civil Aviation Survey
2147  Monthly Coal Supply and Disposition Survey
2003  Monthly Coke Supply and Disposition Survey
3404  Monthly Crushing Operations Survey
3430  Monthly Dairy Factory Production and Stocks Survey
2151  Monthly Electricity Supply and Disposition Survey
3431  Monthly Inventory Statement of Butter and Cheese
3403  Monthly Miller's Survey
5215  Monthly Natural Gas Distribution Survey
5210  Monthly Natural Gas Storage Survey
2149  Monthly Natural Gas Transmission Survey
2402  Monthly New Motor Vehicle Sales Survey
2148  Monthly Oil and Other Liquid Petroleum Products Pipeline Survey
2191  Monthly Oil Pipeline Statement
2745  Monthly Passenger Bus and Urban Transit Survey
2732  Monthly Railway Carloadings Survey
2150  Monthly Refined Petroleum Products
2408  Monthly Retail Trade Survey (Department Store Organizations)
2419  Monthly Survey of Food Services and Drinking Places
5027  Monthly Survey of Large Retailers
2101  Monthly Survey of Manufacturing
2401  Monthly Wholesale Trade Survey
3411  Mushroom Growers' Survey
3160  National Apprenticeship Survey
1806  National Balance Sheet Accounts
3439  National Farm Survey
5248  National Fire Information Database (NFID)
5012  National Graduates Survey
1901  National Gross Domestic Product by Income and by Expenditure Accounts
5178  National Household Survey
4450  National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth
5003  National Population Health Survey: Health Institutions Component, Longitudinal
3236  National Population Health Survey: Household Component, Cross-sectional
3225  National Population Health Survey: Household Component, Longitudinal
5004  National Population Health Survey: North Component
1910  National Tourism Indicators
7524  Natural Resources Canada
7530  Natural Resources Canada (Glaciers)
3473  Net Farm Income
2310  New Housing Price Index
5207  New Lending Services Price Index
2317  Non-Residential Building Construction Price Index
5255  Nursing and Residential Care Facilities - Public
7508  Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada
2121  Oils and Fats
2141  Particleboard, Oriented Strandboard and Fibreboard
5209  Passenger Air Services Price Index
2797  Passenger Bus/Urban Transit Survey - Quarterly
2609  Pension Plans in Canada
3301  Police Administration Survey
3602  Population Projections for Canada, Provinces and Territories
5017  Postsecondary Student Information System
3446  Potato Area and Yield Survey
2303  Precast Concrete Price Indexes
3607  Preliminary Estimates of Population for Census Divisions and Census Metropolitan Areas (Regression method)
3210  Private nursing and residential care facilities
2126  Process Cheese
3441  Processors Supplementary Report of Frozen Vegetables Intended for Re-manufacture
2112  Production, Sales and Stocks of Major Appliances
2135  Production, Shipments and Stocks on Hand of Sawmills in British Columbia
2142  Production and Disposition of Tobacco Products
2130  Production and Sales of Phonograph Records and Pre-Recorded Tapes in Canada
5039  Production of Poultry and Eggs
2154  Production of Selected Biscuits
1402  Productivity Measures and Related Variables - National and Provincial (Annual)
4406  Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies
1902  Provincial and Territorial Gross Domestic Product by Income and by Expenditure Accounts
3141  Provincial Expenditures on Education in Reform and Correctional Institutions
4209  Provincial Government Activities in the Natural Sciences
7509  Public Health Agency of Canada
1713  Public Sector Employment
2136  Pulpwood and Wood Residue
2712  Quarterly Civil Aviation Survey
3601  Quarterly Demographic Estimates
2607  Quarterly Estimates of Trusteed Pension Funds
2166  Quarterly Industrial Consumption of Energy Survey
5104  Quarterly Industry Revenue Indices
3423  Quarterly Stocks of Frozen and Chilled Meats Survey
5186  Quarterly Survey of Capital Expenditures - Oil and Gas Activities
2504  Quarterly Survey of Financial Institutions
2501  Quarterly Survey of Financial Statements
2721  Quarterly Survey of Telecommunications
2748  Quarterly Trucking Survey
2724  Radio and Television Broadcasting Survey
3153  Radio Listening Databank
2736  Rail Commodity Origin and Destination Statistics
2734  Railway - Annual Report
2735  Railway Operating Statistics Survey
2306  Raw Materials Price Index
3154  Registered Apprenticeship Information System
5216  Research and Development in the Higher Education Sector
4204  Research and Development of Canadian Private Non-Profit Organizations
5193  Research and Development Personnel
5016  Residential Construction Investment
5213  Residential Property Values
2008  Retail Commodity Survey
5135  Retail Services Price Index
2446  Retail Store Survey (Annual)
2406  Retail Trade Survey (Monthly)
2124  Rigid Insulating Board
2108  Sales of Paints, Varnishes and Lacquers
2134  Sawmills
4208  Scientific Activities of Provincial Research Organizations, Activities in Natural Sciences and Engineering
4210  Scientific and Technological Activities of Provincial Governments
2329  Selected Financial Indexes
7529  Servicio de Información Agroalimentaria y Pesquera
2189  Shipments of Solid Fuel Burning Heating Products
2105  Steel Pipe and Tubing
2116  Steel Primary Forms, Steel Castings and Pig Iron
2106  Steel Wire and Specified Wire Products
2820  Stock and Consumption of Fixed Non-residential Capital
5169  Stock and Consumption of Fixed Residential Capital
7506  Stock Exchange Statistics
3422  Stocks of Frozen Fruit and Vegetables
2143  Sugar - Situation
1401  Supply, Use and Input-Output Tables
4223  Survey of Advanced Technology
4442  Survey of Approaches to Educational Planning
3502  Survey of Consumer Finances
2513  Survey of Deposit-accepting Intermediaries: Chartered Banks, Trust Companies, Caisses Populaires and Credit Unions
4225  Survey of Digital Technology and Internet Use
2612  Survey of Employment, Payrolls and Hours
1209  Survey of Environmental Goods and Services
3140  Survey of Federal Government Expenditures in Support of Education
3117  Survey of Federal Government Expenditures on Culture
2620  Survey of Financial Security
3120  Survey of Financial Statistics of Private Elementary and Secondary Schools
3508  Survey of Household Spending
4218  Survey of Innovation
5171  Survey of Innovation and Business Strategy
4222  Survey of Intellectual Property Commercialization in the Higher Education Sector
5183  Survey of Intellectual Property Management
3889  Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics
3434  Survey of Livestock Slaughter
5187  Survey of Neurological Conditions in Institutions in Canada
3116  Survey of Provincial/Territorial Government Expenditures on Culture
3105  Survey of Service Industries: Book Publishers
2415  Survey of Service Industries: Film, Television and Video Post-production
2413  Survey of Service Industries: Film, Television and Video Production
2414  Survey of Service Industries: Film and Video Distribution
2416  Survey of Service Industries: Motion Picture Theatres
4710  Survey of Service Industries: Newspaper Publishers
3108  Survey of Service Industries: Performing Arts
5091  Survey of Service Industries: Periodical Publishers
3115  Survey of Service Industries: Sound Recording and Music Publishing
4702  Survey of the Construction Industry
4703  Survey of the Couriers and Local Messengers Industry
4707  Survey of the Taxi and Limousine Services Industry
3119  Survey of Uniform Financial System - School Boards
3449  Survey of Wage Rates for Hired Farm Labour
2156  Tea and Coffee
2319  Telecommunications Plant Price Index
5041  Telecommunications Services Price Index
3114  Television Viewing Databank
3209  Therapeutic Abortion Survey
5124  Trade by Exporter Characteristics - Goods
3328  Transition Home Survey
7503  Transport Canada Statistics
3810  Travel Survey of Residents of Canada
2336  Traveller Accommodation Services Price Index
2741  Trucking Commodity Origin and Destination Survey
3123  Tuition and Living Accommodation Costs
2610  Unemployment Insurance Statistics (Annual)
3302  Uniform Crime Reporting Survey
7526  United States Department of Agriculture
7522  United States Statistics
3101  University and College Academic Staff System - Full-time Staff
3471  Value of Farm Capital
5227  Value of Inventory Change
2747  Vehicle Registrations
5035  Victim Services Survey
3231  Vital Statistics - Birth Database
3233  Vital Statistics - Death Database
3235  Vital Statistics - Divorce Database
3232  Vital Statistics - Marriage Database
3234  Vital Statistics - Stillbirth Database
2009  Waste Management Industry Survey: Business Sector
1736  Waste Management Industry Survey: Government Sector
5106  Wholesale Services Price Index
5061  Wholesale Trade Commodity Survey by Origin and Destination
3323  Youth Custody and Community Services