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Public Sector Employment - 1713
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Department of National Defence, military personnel seasonally unadjusted and adjusted, and wages and salaries, monthly *Archived*, Mar 1969 to Mar 2012 Description  183-0004
Federal government employment, wages and salaries in census metropolitan areas for the month of September, annual *Archived*, 1990 to 2011 Description  183-0003
Federal public sector employment reconciliation of Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, Public Service Commission of Canada and Statistics Canada statistical universes, as at December 31, annual (Persons) *Archived*, 1999 to 2011 Description  183-0021
Public sector employment, wages and salaries, seasonally unadjusted and adjusted, monthly *Archived*, Jan 1981 to Mar 2012 Description  183-0002
Reconciliation of public sector employment and public administration employment, annual (Persons) *Archived*, 1998 to 2011 Description  183-0022
Displaying tables 1 to 5 of 5