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Financial Information of Community Colleges and Vocational Schools - 3146
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Financial information of community colleges and vocational schools, expenditures by type of fund and function, annual (Dollars), 2001/2002 to 2014/2015 Description  477-0061
Financial information of community colleges and vocational schools, revenues by type of fund, annual (Dollars), 2001/2002 to 2014/2015 Description  477-0060
Postsecondary non-university education (college) expenditure, by direct source of funds, type of college and type of expenditures, annual (Dollars), 1954/1955 to 2004/2005 Description  478-0004
Public and private expenditure on educational institutions, by level of education, Canada, provinces and territories in millions of current dollars., annual (Current dollars), 2007/2008 to 2013/2014 Description  477-0136
Total expenditures on education, by direct source of funds and type of education, annual (Dollars), 1954/1955 to 1999/2000 Description  478-0001
Trade and vocational training education expenditures, by type of program, annual (Dollars), 1954/1955 to 2004/2005 Description  478-0006
Vocational training education expenditures, by type of program and direct source of funds, annual (Dollars), 1954/1955 to 2004/2005 Description  478-0005
Interprovincial transfer expenditures at the postsecondary level, by province transfers to, transfers from, type of transfer and level of education, annual (Dollars) *Archived*, 1967/1968 to 1985/1986 Description  478-0009
Displaying tables 1 to 8 of 8