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Monthly Dairy Factory Production and Stocks Survey - 3430
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  Title Description   Table  
Commercial sales of milk and cream, monthly (Kilolitres), Jan 1977 to Sep 2017 Description  003-0012
Food available in Canada, annual (Kilograms per person, per year), 1960 to 2016 Description  002-0011
Production of butterfat, monthly (Kilograms), Jan 1983 to Sep 2017 Description  003-0034
Production of concentrated milk products, monthly (Tonnes), Jan 1946 to Sep 2017 Description  003-0029
Production of selected butter products, monthly (Tonnes), Jan 1946 to Sep 2017 Description  003-0009
Production of selected products, by dairy manufacturers, monthly (Tonnes), Jan 1946 to Sep 2017 Description  003-0010
Stocks of specified dairy products, monthly (Tonnes), Jan 1970 to Oct 2017 Description  003-0033
Supply and disposition of food in Canada, annual (Tonnes), 1960 to 2016 Description  002-0010
Supply and disposition of milk products in Canada, monthly (Tonnes), Jan 1976 to Sep 2017 Description  003-0007
Average farm value of milk, cream and farm butter, sold by farmers, annual (Cents per pound) *Archived*, 1965 to 1975 Description  003-0056
Average farm value of milk and other selected dairy products, annual (Cents per pound) *Archived*, 1940 to 1964 Description  003-0055
Creamery butter and cheddar cheese production, annual (Tonnes) *Archived*, 1920 to 1977 Description  003-0049
Domestic and per capita disappearance of cheese products, annual *Archived*, 1920 to 1977 Description  003-0050
Domestic disappearance of dairy products in terms of milk, annual (Litres) *Archived*, 1920 to 1977 Description  003-0051
Farm cash receipts from dairy products, annual (Dollars) *Archived*, 1920 to 1976 Description  003-0052
Farm cash receipts from dairy products, by utilization, annual (Dollars) *Archived*, 1920 to 1974 Description  003-0053
Farm value of total milk production, annual (Dollars) *Archived*, 1920 to 1976 Description  003-0054
Food available by major groups in Canada, annual (Kilograms per person, per year) *Archived*, 1960 to 2011 Description  002-0019
Nutrients in the food supply, by source of nutritional equivalent and commodity, annual (Milligrams) *Archived*, 1976 to 2009 Description  003-0080
Supply and disposition of creamery butter and cheddar cheese, annual (Tonnes) *Archived*, 1920 to 1977 Description  003-0048
Utilization of milk production, annual (Pounds of milk) *Archived*, 1920 to 1977 Description  003-0047
Displaying tables 1 to 21 of 21