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Metal production in Canada, monthly (Tonnes) *Archived*, Jan 1946 to Feb 2011 Description  152-0001
Mineral industries, including metals, non-metallic metals and fuels, annual (Dollars) *Archived*, 1961 to 2008 Description  152-0003
Mineral production in Canada, monthly (Tonnes) *Archived*, Jan 1948 to Feb 2011 Description  152-0004
Principal statistics of mineral industries, by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), annual (Dollars) *Archived*, 1994 to 2008 Description  152-0005
Principal statistics of the mineral industries, annual (Dollars) *Archived*, 1961 to 2000 Description  152-0002
Supply and demand for natural gas liquids and liquefied petroleum gases, monthly (Cubic metres) *Archived*, Jan 1989 to Feb 2013 Description  132-0001
Displaying tables 1 to 6 of 6