CANSIM - Table summary

Table 401-0059 - Air passenger origin and destination, transborder journeys, traffic volumes ranked by city-pair, exceeding 4,000 outbound plus inbound passengers, occasional (Number) 

This table contains 1656 series, with data for years 1997 - 2016 (not all combinations necessarily have data for all years), and was last released on 2017-08-16.

This table contains data described by the following dimensions (Not all combinations are available):
  • Geography (575 items: Abbotsford, British Columbia - Las Vegas, Nevada; Albany, New York - Toronto, Ontario; Albany, New York - Vancouver, British Columbia; Albuquerque, New Mexico - Calgary, Alberta; ...)
  • Estimates (3 items: Number of outbound and inbound passengers; Cumulative percentage of city; Rank of city)