CANSIM - Table summary

Table 576-0010 - Aboriginal peoples survey, self-rated ability to speak and understand an Aboriginal language, by age group and sex, Inuit population aged 6 years and over, Canada and Inuit Nunangat, occasional (Persons) 

Keywords: Conversation, Speech, Communication, Self-perceived, Off-reserve, Arctic, Culture, Heritage, Indigenous,

This table contains 12936 series, with data for years 2012 - 2012 (not all combinations necessarily have data for all years), and was last released on 2016-04-01.

This table contains data described by the following dimensions (Not all combinations are available):
  • Geography (7 items: Canada; Inuit Nunangat; Nunatsiavut; Nunavik; ...)
  • Age group (11 items: Total, 6 years and over; 6 to 14 years; 15 years and over; 15 to 54 years; ...)
  • Sex (3 items: Both sexes; Male; Female)
  • Self-rated ability to speak and understand an Aboriginal language (14 items: Total, ability to speak an Aboriginal language; Speaks an Aboriginal language, even if only a few words; Speaks primary Aboriginal language, very well or relatively well; Speaks primary Aboriginal language, with effort or only a few words; ...)
  • Statistics (4 items: Number of persons; Percent; Low 95% confidence interval; High 95% confidence interval)