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Placement of chicks and turkey poults for production, monthly (poults), Jan 1970 to May 2017003-0021
Production and disposition of eggs, monthly (layers), Jan 1951 to Apr 2017003-0022
Stocks of frozen poultry meat, monthly (tonnes), May 1976 to Jun 2017003-0023
Stocks of frozen eggs and edible dried eggs, monthly (tonnes), May 1976 to Jun 2017003-0024
Report of processed eggs production in Canada, weekly (kilograms), Sep 06 1980 to Apr 29 2017003-0038
Laying type pullet, chick placements, weekly (chicks), Jan 05 1980 to Apr 29 2017003-0039
Bank of Canada, money market and other interest rates, daily (percent), Nov 19 1991 to Jun 27 2017176-0048
Daily average foreign exchange rates in Canadian dollars, Bank of Canada, daily (dollars), May 04 1981 to Jun 26 2017176-0080
Central government operations: budgetary balance, non-budgetary transactions, and financial source/requirement, monthly (dollars), Apr 2009 to Mar 2017191-0001
Central government debt, monthly (dollars), Apr 2009 to Mar 2017191-0002
Monthly survey of food services and drinking places, by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), monthly Jan 1998 to Apr 2017355-0006
Average domestic fares for Canada and ten major cities, quarterly (dollars), Mar 1983 to Oct 2016401-0003
Domestic and international average air fares, by fare type group, quarterly (dollars), Jan 2007 to Oct 2016401-0041
Discount fare traffic, by sector, quarterly (percent), Jan 2007 to Oct 2016401-0042
Railway carloadings statistics, by commodity, monthly Jan 1999 to Apr 2017404-0002
Longitudinal Employment Analysis Program (LEAP), aggregate business dynamics measures, by industry and firm size, annually (number), 2001/2002 to 2015/2016527-0001