National and Provincial Multipliers (15F0046X)

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The input-output multipliers are derived from the input-output tables. They are used to assess the effects on the economy of an exogenous change in final demand for the output of a given industry. They provide a measure of the interdependence between an industry and the rest of the economy.

The national multipliers show the direct, indirect, and induced effects on gross output, the detailed components of GDP, jobs, and imports. The provincial multipliers show the direct, and indirect effects. Like the input-output tables, the multipliers are presented at four levels of aggregation: Worksheet Public level (285 industries), Link level (117 industries), Medium level (62 industries) and Small level (25 industries).

Frequency: Annual

Status: Ongoing/Available (Diskette)


Title Release date More info
2010 February 10, 2014 More info
2009 May 9, 2013 More info
ARCHIVED – 2008 December 15, 2011 More info
ARCHIVED – 2007 November 25, 2010 More info
ARCHIVED – 2006 November 5, 2009 More info

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