Human Activity and the Environment (16-201-X)

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Human Activity and the Environment (16-201-X) is an annual publication that focuses on a current environmental issue. The latest information and statistics are gathered from many sources to produce an in-depth analytical article.

Frequency: Annual

Status: Ongoing/Available (HTML, PDF), Discontinued (Paper)

Author(s): Jennie Wang


Starting with the 2010 edition, the publication is titled Human Activity and the Environment and focuses on a feature article. Human Activity and the Environment: Detailed Statistics (16-201-S), a compendium of environmental statistics previously released as a component of this publication, was released in 2011 as a separate product, but has since been discontinued.

From 2002 to 2009, the publication Human Activity and the Environment: Annual Statistics, catalogue number 16-201-XIE/XWE, ISSN 1703-5783 included a feature article and statistical compendium.

The publication follows in the tradition of Human Activity and the Environment (11-509-X), an occasional publication released in 2000, 1994, 1991, 1986 and 1978.

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  • Agriculture, Air pollution, Air quality, Aquaculture, Carbon monoxide, Climate change, Climate, Composting, Compost, Ecozones, Electric power, Emissions, Endangered species, Energy, Environmental protection, Environmental quality, Environment, Freshwater, Garbage, Greenhouse gas emissions, Groundwater, Land use, Manure, Mining, Natural resources, Nitrogen oxides, Pollutants, Pollution abatement, Pollution control, Population growth, Recycling, Soil quality, Sulphur dioxide, Surface water, Sustainable development, Transportation services, Waste disposal, Water quality, Water use, Wildlife
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