Corporations Returns Act (61-220-X)

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Each year, Statistics Canada produces a report on foreign control {Foreign control in the Canadian economy}, as stipulated in the Corporations Returns Act. This report draws a national profile of foreign control in the Canadian corporate economy, examining financial and ownership information on corporations conducting business in Canada. This information is used to evaluate the extent and effect of non-resident control of the Canadian corporate economy. The report includes charts and tables providing time series on selected financial characteristics (assets, operating revenue and operating profits) by specific country of control and classified by major industry groups. The statistics provided in the Corporations Returns Act report are presented at the 21-industry level, using the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS Canada 2012). Previous versions of this report may use different industry classification systems. The industry system used will be referenced within the specific version.

Frequency: Annual

Status: Ongoing/Available (HTML, PDF), Discontinued (Paper)


Title Release date More info
2014 August 22, 2016 More info
2013 February 4, 2016 More info
2012 December 9, 2014 More info
2011 October 30, 2013 More info
2010 June 22, 2012 More info

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