Industrial Research and Development: Intentions (88-202-X)

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This on-line report summarizes research and development (R&D) activities performed and funded by Canadian business enterprises and industrial research institutes and associations. The data are used, for instance, to plan and evaluate R&D tax incentive programs, to provide indicators of the state of industrial innovation and to complement national aggregates for scientific R&D expenditures and personnel. Among the topics covered are current and capital expenditures on research and development, energy R&D expenditures by area of technology, R&D expenditures as a percentage of company revenues, sources of funds for intramural R&D, personnel engaged in R&D, and foreign payments made and received for technological services. Most historical tables are presented for the latest five years and disaggregated by 46 industrial groupings, size of R&D program, employment size, revenue size, country of control, and by province.

Frequency: Annual

Status: Ongoing/Available (HTML, PDF), Discontinued/Not available (Paper)


Title Release date More info
2015 April 27, 2015 More info
2014 August 19, 2014 More info
2013 October 17, 2013 More info
2012 October 3, 2012 More info
2011 April 23, 2012 More info

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