Census: Language – Detailed Mother Tongue (232), Knowledge of Official Languages (5), Age Groups (17A) and Sex (3) for the Population Excluding Institutional Residents of Canada, Provinces, Territories and Federal Electoral Districts (2003 Representation Order), 2011 Census, Census year 2011, no. 34

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This topic presents data on the language composition of Canada and illustrates the linguistic characteristics of the Canadian population, including mother tongue, knowledge of official languages, first official language spoken and languages spoken at home.

This topic also presents data on language retention and language transmission by the parents to the child by other demographic characteristics. Data on languages are presented at the person level.

Issue #: 2011034

Frequency: Occasional


Release date: October 24, 2012


Status: Ongoing/Available

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  • Age groups, Census of population, Federal electoral districts, First official language spoken, Knowledge of official languages, Language retention and transfer, Language spoken at home, Mother tongue, Provinces, Sex, Territories