Business performance and ownership

Financial statements and performance

Financial data prepared by incorporated businesses on their financial position and performance, such as statistics on revenue or profit growth, profit margins, debt to equity, and return on equity. These data include items from the balance sheet, the income statement and the statement of changes in financial position, and information that describes an industry or a firm’s performance for a specific period using financial data.

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Monthly civil aviation statistics Aug 25, 2017
Quarterly financial statistics for enterprises, second quarter 2017 Aug 24, 2017
Coal mining Jul 24, 2017
Biannual Survey of Suppliers of Business Financing May 11, 2017
Film, television and video production Mar 30, 2017
Employment services Mar 29, 2017
Sound recording and music publishing, 2015 Mar 21, 2017
Spectator sports, event promoters, artists and related industries Mar 16, 2017
Financial and taxation statistics for enterprises Mar 15, 2017
Financial performance data Mar 14, 2017
Real estate rental and leasing and property management industries Mar 1, 2017
Repair and maintenance services Feb 17, 2017
Software development and computer services Feb 17, 2017
Film and video distribution Feb 16, 2017
Amusement and recreation industry Jan 19, 2017
Logging Dec 20, 2016
Oil and gas extraction industry: Capital and operating expenditures Sep 18, 2015
Electric utility financial report Aug 24, 2015
Cable and satellite television Jan 13, 2015
Financial performance data Feb 4, 2014
Survey of Regulatory Compliance Costs Jun 17, 2013
Financial Performance Indicators for Canadian Business Apr 8, 2013
Study: Firm Dynamics: Variation in Profitability Across Canadian Firms of Different Sizes Jul 31, 2012
Quarterly industry revenue indices for selected service industries Mar 28, 2012
Heritage institutions Feb 2, 2012
Industrial concentration in the manufacturing sector Nov 16, 2011
Study: Contribution of small and medium-sized businesses to gross domestic product: Canada-United States comparison Jun 13, 2011
Study: Indebtedness and liquidity of non-financial corporations Nov 17, 2009
Study: A National Accounts perspective on recent financial events Jun 11, 2009
Deposit-accepting intermediaries: Activities and economic performance Dec 23, 2008
Study: Geographic location and gains from trade May 9, 2008
Study: Trends in the telephone call centre industry Feb 27, 2008
Study: Impact of technology use on productivity growth and business performance Dec 5, 2007
Financing of small- and medium-sized enterprises Dec 1, 2005
Study: Trade credit in Canadian firms Nov 4, 2005
Longitudinal Employment Analysis Program Sep 9, 2005
Study: Profitability of Canadian-controlled enterprises compared with US-controlled enterprises Mar 3, 2005
Study: Business Dynamics in Canada Feb 15, 2005

Latest news releases in The Daily

— Displaying 1 to 38 of 38  matches (showing most recent)