Employment and unemployment

Labour market activities and characteristics of the employed or unemployed, including provincial and sub-provincial employment or unemployment levels, rates or trends, labour force status by age or gender, breakdowns between employees and the self-employed, public versus private sector employment, multiple job-holding, hiring, job creation, and duration of unemployment.

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Study: Hires and layoffs in Canada's economic regions: Experimental estimates Jun 27, 2016
Labour Force Survey Jun 10, 2016
Payroll employment, earnings and hours May 26, 2016
Recent developments in the Canadian economy May 16, 2016
Job vacancies in 2011: Results of the Workplace Survey Mar 18, 2016
Labour Force Survey: 2015 revisions Jan 27, 2016
Study: Labour market participation of immigrant and Canadian-born wives Jan 7, 2016
Study: Recent developments in the Canadian economy Nov 12, 2015
Study: Youth labour force participation Oct 30, 2015
Job vacancies in brief Jul 21, 2015
Study: Employment patterns of families with children, 1976 to 2014 Jun 24, 2015
Job vacancies Jun 16, 2015
Study: The local unemployment rate and retirement Apr 22, 2015
Revisions to the Labour Force Survey Feb 2, 2015
Labour Force Survey: Year-end review, 2014 Jan 28, 2015
Study: Persons with disabilities and employment Dec 3, 2014
National Graduates Survey Dec 1, 2014
Study: Effects of cancer on the employment and earnings of cancer survivors Sep 30, 2014
Labour Force Survey: Review of the July 2014 release Aug 28, 2014
Labour Force Survey: Update Aug 13, 2014
Study: The distribution of employment growth rates in Canada: The role of high-growth and rapidly shrinking firms May 15, 2014
Study: Wages and full-time employment rates of young high school graduates and bachelor's degree holders Apr 28, 2014
Study: Interpreting Monthly Changes in Employment from the Labour Force Survey Mar 13, 2014
Study: The long-term labour market premiums associated with a postsecondary education Feb 27, 2014
Annual revision of the Labour Force Survey seasonally adjusted estimates Jan 31, 2014
Study: Employment transitions among older workers leaving long-term jobs Jan 28, 2014
Study: Long-term labour market premiums associated with a terminal high school diploma Jan 23, 2014
Study: Wages, youth employment and school enrollment Jan 13, 2014
Study: Changing labour market conditions for young Canadians Jul 4, 2013
2011 National Household Survey: Portrait of Canada's labour force Jun 26, 2013
Study: Unemployment dynamics among Canada's youth Jun 11, 2013
Health region level unemployment rates, population estimates, and dependency ratios May 21, 2013
Study: Employment changes across industries during the downturn and recovery, (correction) Apr 4, 2013
Study: Worker Reallocation in Canada Mar 1, 2013
Study: Canada's immigrant labour market Dec 14, 2012
Study: Years to retirement Dec 4, 2012
Earnings losses of displaced workers with stable labour market attachment Nov 29, 2012
Study: How the older unemployed look for work Aug 22, 2012
Study: Leave practices of parents after the birth or adoption of young children Jul 30, 2012
Labour Force Survey: Official Language Jul 10, 2012
Perspectives on Labour and Income Jun 14, 2012
Study: Risk of layoff and earnings losses associated with layoffs Dec 15, 2011
Study: Aboriginal people and the labour market Nov 23, 2011
Study: Delayed retirement Oct 26, 2011
Study: Layoffs during the last three recessions Sep 20, 2011
Study: Projected trends to 2031 for the Canadian labour force Aug 17, 2011
Study: Generational change in paid and unpaid work Jul 12, 2011
Study: Apprenticeable occupations and the employment downturn in Canada Feb 24, 2011
Study: Inside the labour market downturn Feb 23, 2011
Labour Force Survey: 2011 revisions Jan 28, 2011
Study: Comparing the 2008-2010 recession and recovery with previous cycles Jan 13, 2011
Women in Canada: Paid work Dec 9, 2010
Study: Working at home Dec 7, 2010
Study: Employment patterns of postsecondary students Sep 29, 2010
Study: Foreign nationals working temporarily in Canada Jun 8, 2010
Study: Layoffs and their consequences May 28, 2010
Study: Aboriginal labour market update May 13, 2010
Study: The accelerated pace of the 2008-2009 downturn May 13, 2010
Study: Self-employment in the downturn Mar 29, 2010
Study: The financial impact of student loans Jan 29, 2010
Study: The changing cyclical behaviour of labour productivity Jan 14, 2010
Labour statistics consistent with the System of National Accounts Dec 11, 2009
Study: Job stability and unemployment duration in manufacturing Nov 23, 2009
Study: Quality of employment in the Canadian immigrant labour market Nov 23, 2009
Study: Canada's employment downturn Nov 12, 2009
Study: Trends in gross domestic product and self-employment of unincorporated enterprises Sep 10, 2009
Study: Employment among the disabled May 26, 2009
Language of Work Survey May 7, 2009
Study: Growth and aging of justice personnel Mar 12, 2009
Aboriginal peoples living off-reserve and the labour market Dec 15, 2008
Study: Skilled trades employment Oct 24, 2008
Study: Trends in employment and wages Sep 26, 2008
Study: Life after teenage motherhood May 23, 2008
Current economic conditions May 22, 2008
Canada's immigrant labour market May 13, 2008
Study: Community vulnerability to population and employment decline Apr 14, 2008
Study: Income security in retirement among the working population Mar 10, 2008
Study: Employment growth among lone mothers in Canada and the United States Mar 7, 2008
2006 Census: Labour market activities, industry, occupation, education, language of work, place of work and mode of transportation Mar 4, 2008
Study: How families respond to layoffs Feb 21, 2008
Study: The 2006 Canadian immigrant labour market: Analysis by region or country of birth Feb 13, 2008
Study: Linking urban economies with productivity growth Feb 5, 2008
Study: Scientists and engineers and urban growth Jan 8, 2008
Study: Participation of older workers Aug 24, 2007
Study: Trade and the industrial specialization of Canadian manufacturing regions Jun 25, 2007
Study: Labour force projections in Canada Jun 15, 2007
Study: Recent trends in the Canadian lumber industry Jun 7, 2007
Study: Service offshoring and employment May 22, 2007
Study: GDP per capita and productivity in Canada and the United States Mar 26, 2007
Study: The Aboriginal labour force in Western Canada Jan 25, 2007
Study: Unemployment in Canada's metropolitan areas Jan 25, 2007
Trade liberalization and the Canadian clothing market Dec 7, 2006
Changes in Employment Survey Nov 16, 2006
Study: The Alberta economic juggernaut Sep 14, 2006
Study: Wives as primary breadwinners Aug 23, 2006
Youth in Transition Survey: Update of the education and labour market pathways of young adults Jul 5, 2006
Study: Screening job applicants May 24, 2006
Education Matters: Students in the labour market Apr 27, 2006
Study: Work hours instability Mar 29, 2006
Study: Aging, health and work Feb 22, 2006
Study: Emerging patterns in the labour market: A reversal from the 1990s Feb 16, 2006
Study: Labour market shifts in manufacturing, construction and natural resources Jan 27, 2006
Study: Youth and the labour market Nov 23, 2005
Study: Demand for Skills in Canada: The Role of Foreign Outsourcing and Information Communication Technology Oct 28, 2005
Study: Whither the workweek? Jun 21, 2005
Labour Force Survey: Western Canada's off-reserve Aboriginal population Jun 13, 2005
Study: Impact of foreign ownership on head office employment in manufacturing Jun 8, 2005
British Columbia Aboriginal Labour Force Survey Jun 3, 2005
Study: Labour markets, business activity and mobility in urban centres Apr 26, 2005
Study: Low-paid work and economically vulnerable families Apr 25, 2005
Study: Diverging trends in unionization Apr 22, 2005
Study: Recent changes in the labour market Mar 18, 2005
Study: Are good jobs disappearing in Canada? Jan 26, 2005
Study: Earnings of temporary versus permanent employees Jan 26, 2005
Study: Employment trends in nursing Nov 24, 2004

Latest news releases in The Daily

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