Economic accounts

Gross domestic product

The total value of the goods and services produced in Canada or in a province or territory, often referred to as a global measure of economic activity.

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Study: Recent Developments in the Canadian Economy May 7, 2015
Gross domestic product by industry Apr 30, 2015
The underground economy in Canada Apr 29, 2015
Gross domestic product by industry: Provinces and territories Apr 28, 2015
Canadian economic accounts Mar 3, 2015
Study: Metropolitan gross domestic product: Experimental estimates, 2001 to 2009 Nov 10, 2014
Provincial and territorial economic accounts Nov 5, 2014
Study: Investment intensity in Canada and the United States Oct 21, 2014
Study: Cross-border shopping Oct 8, 2014
Recent developments in the Canadian economy Sep 26, 2014
Culture Satellite Account Sep 10, 2014
Study: The impact of Canada's firm-size disadvantage on the labour productivity gap between Canada and the United States Jan 8, 2014
Study: Growth of Large Firms in Canada Dec 7, 2012
Purchasing power parities Sep 21, 2012
Study: Economic growth in Canada and the United States Dec 21, 2011
Study: Contribution of small and medium-sized businesses to gross domestic product: Canada-United States comparison Jun 13, 2011
Study: Contribution of small, medium-sized and large businesses to gross domestic product in 2005 May 30, 2011
Study: Comparing the 2008-2010 recession and recovery with previous cycles Jan 13, 2011
Satellite account of non-profit institutions and volunteering Dec 17, 2010
Study: The accelerated pace of the 2008-2009 downturn May 13, 2010
Provincial and territorial debt service ratio Jan 25, 2010
Study: The changing cyclical behaviour of labour productivity Jan 14, 2010
Study: Differences in Canadian and US income levels Dec 10, 2009
Study: Trends in gross domestic product and self-employment of unincorporated enterprises Sep 10, 2009
Study: The evolution of the Canadian manufacturing sector Jul 28, 2009
Study: Cyclical changes in output and employment May 14, 2009
Study: Contribution of the unincorporated sector in the economy Feb 19, 2009
Study: Terms of trade in Central Canada Dec 11, 2008
Study: The resource boom: Impacts on provincial purchasing power Nov 18, 2008
Study: The role of natural resources in Canada's economy Nov 13, 2008
Study: Capital intensity in Canada and the United States Jul 10, 2008
Study: Outsourcing and offshoring in Canada May 23, 2008
Current economic conditions May 22, 2008
Study: Public infrastructure's contribution to production Apr 15, 2008
Study: Tracking value-added trade: Examining global inputs to exports Feb 15, 2008
Study: Growth in real income in Canada and the United States Nov 22, 2007
Monthly gross domestic product by industry: Conversion to NAICS 2002 and to reference year 2002 Oct 5, 2007
Study: Long-term productivity growth in Canada and the United States Aug 28, 2007
Study: Not Dutch Disease, it's China syndrome Aug 16, 2007
Study: Real gross domestic product and the purchasing power of provincial output Jul 24, 2007
Study: Investment and long-term growth in labour productivity Jun 25, 2007
Study: GDP per capita and productivity in Canada and the United States Mar 26, 2007
Study: The Alberta economic juggernaut Sep 14, 2006
Provincial and territorial gross domestic product Apr 26, 2006
Study: Multipliers and outsourcing: How industries interact with each other and affect GDP Jan 12, 2006
Study: Canada's economic growth in review Apr 14, 2005

Latest news releases in The Daily

— Displaying 1 to 46 of 46  matches (showing most recent)