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The economic accounts provide up-to-date portraits of national, provincial, and territorial economies and their structures, based on an integrated, internationally recognized set of economic accounting concepts.

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Canada's international transactions in securities Aug 18, 2016
Motor vehicle fuel sales Aug 12, 2016
Gross domestic product by industry Jul 29, 2016
National tourism indicators Jun 29, 2016
Government Finance Statistics Jun 22, 2016
Canadian portfolio investment abroad Jun 21, 2016
The underground economy in Canada Jun 20, 2016
Hours worked and labour productivity in the provinces and territories (preliminary) Jun 17, 2016
National balance sheet and financial flow accounts Jun 14, 2016
Canada's international investment position Jun 13, 2016
Study: The industry origins of Canada's weaker labour productivity performance and the role of structural adjustment in the 1990s and 2000s Jun 13, 2016
Labour productivity, hourly compensation and unit labour cost Jun 3, 2016
Gross domestic product, income and expenditure, first quarter 2016 May 31, 2016
Canada's balance of international payments May 30, 2016
Provincial and territorial economic accounts: Government revenue, expenditure and budgetary balance May 16, 2016
Recent developments in the Canadian economy May 16, 2016
Gross domestic product by industry: Provinces and territories May 12, 2016
Control and sale of alcoholic beverages May 10, 2016
Hours worked and labour productivity in the provinces and territories May 2, 2016
Foreign direct investment Apr 26, 2016
Canadian international merchandise trade: Annual review Apr 6, 2016
Employment of foreign majority-owned affiliates in Canada: Regional data Mar 24, 2016
Study: The changing landscape of Canadian metropolitan areas Mar 22, 2016
Multifactor productivity growth estimates and industry productivity database Feb 3, 2016
Pension Satellite Account Dec 16, 2015
Gross domestic product by industry: Provinces and territories: Comprehensive revision Dec 15, 2015
Study: Accounting for natural capital in productivity of the mining and oil and gas sector Dec 14, 2015
Activities of Canadian majority-owned affiliates abroad Dec 8, 2015
Activities of foreign majority-owned affiliates in Canada Dec 2, 2015
Stock and consumption of fixed capital Nov 24, 2015
Study: Natural resource wealth statistics in the National Balance Sheet Accounts Nov 17, 2015
Study: Recent developments in the Canadian economy Nov 12, 2015
Provincial and territorial economic accounts Nov 10, 2015
Supply and use tables Nov 10, 2015
Purchasing power parities Nov 3, 2015
Canada's international trade in services Oct 8, 2015
Study: Unincorporated self-employment in Canada Oct 8, 2015
Tourism satellite account: Human resource module Oct 1, 2015
Study: Activities of Canadian majority-owned affiliates abroad, expanded measures Sep 15, 2015
Study: Activities of foreign majority-owned affiliates in Canada Sep 2, 2015
Value-added exports Jul 30, 2015
Study: Industry productivity in the manufacturing sector: The role of offshoring, 2002 to 2006 Jun 22, 2015
Study: Empirical evidence from Canadian firm-level data on the relationship between trade and productivity performance Jun 16, 2015
Canada's natural resource wealth Mar 26, 2015
Study: An update on depreciation rates for the Canadian productivity accounts Jan 26, 2015
Provincial gross domestic product and gross output by input-output industry classification Nov 13, 2014
Study: Agriculture in Canada Nov 13, 2014
Study: Metropolitan gross domestic product: Experimental estimates, 2001 to 2009 Nov 10, 2014
National gross domestic product by income and expenditure accounts: Annual revision Nov 5, 2014
Study: Investment intensity in Canada and the United States Oct 21, 2014
Study: Cross-border shopping Oct 8, 2014
Human activity and the environment: Teacher's kit Sep 24, 2014
Activities of foreign affiliates Sep 18, 2014
Culture Satellite Account Sep 10, 2014
Study: Productivity growth and international competitiveness Sep 9, 2014
Provincial-territorial human resource module of the Tourism Satellite Account Jun 16, 2014
The World Bank International Comparison Program for purchasing power: Overall ranking of countries May 9, 2014
Study: Testing for provincial industrial restructuring during the 2000s May 7, 2014
Study: Experimental measures of output and productivity in the Canadian hospital sector Apr 23, 2014
Study: Global value chains and the productivity of Canadian manufacturing firms Mar 17, 2014
Study: Productivity growth in the Canadian broadcasting and telecommunications industry Feb 6, 2014
Study: The impact of Canada's firm-size disadvantage on the labour productivity gap between Canada and the United States Jan 8, 2014
Study: Canadian labour productivity differences across firm size classes Aug 26, 2013
Study: Adjusting for variations in capital utilization in the measurement of multifactor productivity growth in Canada Jul 23, 2013
Survey of Regulatory Compliance Costs Jun 17, 2013
Study: Multifactor productivity measurement at Statistics Canada May 28, 2013
Study: Productivity and Economic Growth in the Canadian Provinces Apr 17, 2013
Government revenue attributable to tourism Feb 28, 2013
Study: Influence of urban clustering on the productivity of firms Feb 6, 2013
Study: Growth of Large Firms in Canada Dec 7, 2012
Study: Reconciling Canadian-U.S. measures of household disposable income and household debt Dec 3, 2012
Capital stock data required by the Fiscal Arrangements Act Nov 30, 2012
Finances of government business enterprises Nov 21, 2012
Study: Canada's net foreign debt at market value Oct 25, 2012
Study: Contribution of financial corporations to aggregate corporate income Oct 17, 2012
National balance sheet accounts Oct 15, 2012
Labour productivity in the business sector: Historical revision Oct 12, 2012
Water use in Canada, by sector Oct 9, 2012
Study: Income of Canadian Households Oct 1, 2012
Multifactor productivity growth estimates Aug 17, 2012
Canadian Economic Observer Jun 15, 2012
Study: Intangible capital and productivity growth in Canada Jun 1, 2012
Leading indicators May 23, 2012
Energy use and greenhouse gas emissions Apr 11, 2012
Study: Market expansion and productivity growth among Canadian manufacturers Mar 20, 2012
Factors in the growth of labour productivity in the provinces Mar 12, 2012
Study: Trends in Canada's international investment position Feb 29, 2012
Industry productivity database Jan 11, 2012
Canadian tourism satellite account Jan 5, 2012
Study: Economic growth in Canada and the United States Dec 21, 2011
Study: Excess capacity and productivity growth in Canadian manufacturing Dec 12, 2011
Study: Firm turnover and productivity growth in services industries Aug 19, 2011
Study: Impact of the unincorporated sector on the Canada-US productivity gap Jul 28, 2011
Study: Economy and the environment Jun 28, 2011
Study: Contribution of small and medium-sized businesses to gross domestic product: Canada-United States comparison Jun 13, 2011
Selected statistics for Canadian settlements Jun 3, 2011
Study: Contribution of small, medium-sized and large businesses to gross domestic product in 2005 May 30, 2011
Study: Comparing the 2008-2010 recession and recovery with previous cycles Jan 13, 2011
Satellite account of non-profit institutions and volunteering Dec 17, 2010
Study: Productivity trends of unincorporated enterprises in the Canadian economy Oct 18, 2010
Gambling Aug 27, 2010
Study: Export market dynamics and plant-level productivity Jun 25, 2010
Study: The accelerated pace of the 2008-2009 downturn May 13, 2010
Consolidated government finance: Assets and liabilities May 3, 2010
Local government finance: Assets and liabilities Apr 26, 2010
Financial flow accounts Mar 2, 2010
Provincial and territorial government finance: Assets and liabilities Jan 26, 2010
Provincial and territorial debt service ratio Jan 25, 2010
Study: The changing cyclical behaviour of labour productivity Jan 14, 2010
Study: Differences in Canadian and US income levels Dec 10, 2009
Financial and wealth accounts resectoring Nov 19, 2009
Labour data and capital data for multifactor productivity growth estimates Nov 17, 2009
Study: Indebtedness and liquidity of non-financial corporations Nov 17, 2009
Study: Trends in gross domestic product and self-employment of unincorporated enterprises Sep 10, 2009
Study: Age of education infrastructure Sep 3, 2009
Study: Update on long-term trends in Canada's productivity performance Aug 4, 2009
Study: The evolution of the Canadian manufacturing sector Jul 28, 2009
Government finance: Revenue, expenditure and surplus Jun 16, 2009
Study: A National Accounts perspective on recent financial events Jun 11, 2009
Study: Productivity spillovers from competitive reallocation May 19, 2009
Study: Cyclical changes in output and employment May 14, 2009
Federal government finance: Assets and liabilities Mar 25, 2009
Study: Contribution of the unincorporated sector in the economy Feb 19, 2009
Study: Impact of public infrastructure on productivity Jan 14, 2009
Study: Terms of trade in Central Canada Dec 11, 2008
Study: Household greenhouse gas emissions Dec 9, 2008
Study: Firm turnover and productivity growth in the retail trade sector Dec 8, 2008
Study: Productivity growth in Canadian and US infrastructure industries Nov 26, 2008
Study: The resource boom: Impacts on provincial purchasing power Nov 18, 2008
Local government business enterprise finance Nov 13, 2008
Study: The role of natural resources in Canada's economy Nov 13, 2008
Value of natural resource assets Sep 15, 2008
Relative productivity levels in Canada and the United States Jul 21, 2008
Study: Capital intensity in Canada and the United States Jul 10, 2008
Study: Outsourcing and offshoring in Canada May 23, 2008
Current economic conditions May 22, 2008
Study: Trade liberalization and productivity dynamics May 7, 2008
Study: Public infrastructure's contribution to production Apr 15, 2008
Study: Tracking value-added trade: Examining global inputs to exports Feb 15, 2008
Study: Cities and growth: Knowledge spillovers in the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies Feb 5, 2008
Study: Linking urban economies with productivity growth Feb 5, 2008
Study: The terms of trade and domestic expenditures Jan 17, 2008
Study: Long-term productivity growth in manufacturing in Canada and the United States Dec 18, 2007
Study: Natural resource wealth in Canada Dec 10, 2007
Study: Impact of technology use on productivity growth and business performance Dec 5, 2007
Study: International trade by the information and communication technologies sector Nov 26, 2007
Study: Growth in real income in Canada and the United States Nov 22, 2007
Government business enterprises: Finances Nov 15, 2007
Monthly gross domestic product by industry: Conversion to NAICS 2002 and to reference year 2002 Oct 5, 2007
Study: Long-term productivity growth in Canada and the United States Aug 28, 2007
Study: Not Dutch Disease, it's China syndrome Aug 16, 2007
Study: Real gross domestic product and the purchasing power of provincial output Jul 24, 2007
Study: Investment and long-term growth in labour productivity Jun 25, 2007
Study: Urban economies and productivity Jun 18, 2007
Study: Recent trends in the Canadian lumber industry Jun 7, 2007
Study: Year end review of the economy Apr 12, 2007
Study: GDP per capita and productivity in Canada and the United States Mar 26, 2007
Labour productivity analysis by industry Mar 16, 2007
Study: Recent trends in output and employment Feb 23, 2007
Study: Changes in provincial labour productivity Jan 15, 2007
Foreign and domestic investment in Canada Jan 4, 2007
Study: The changing composition of the merchandise trade surplus Nov 9, 2006
Study: Competition, firm turnover and productivity growth Sep 25, 2006
Study: The Alberta economic juggernaut Sep 14, 2006
Study: Time lost due to work stoppages Aug 23, 2006
Study: Manufacturing in review Jun 28, 2006
National Energy Board: 2005 Employee Survey Jun 21, 2006
Study: The West Coast boom May 11, 2006
Provincial and territorial gross domestic product Apr 26, 2006
Study: The year in review: The revenge of the old economy Apr 13, 2006
The Human Resource Module of the Tourism Satellite Account Mar 31, 2006
Study: Multipliers and outsourcing: How industries interact with each other and affect GDP Jan 12, 2006
Non-profit institutions and volunteering: Economic contribution Dec 12, 2005
The Canadian Productivity Review Oct 26, 2005
Study: Long-run cycles in business investment Sep 22, 2005
Multifactor productivity Jul 15, 2005
Study: Canada's economic growth in review Apr 14, 2005
Study: Canadian direct investment in offshore financial centers Mar 14, 2005
Study: The soaring loonie and international travel Feb 10, 2005
Study: Measurement issues in comparing Canadian and US productivity levels Jan 20, 2005
Historical national input-output tables Jan 17, 2005
Study: Role of productivity in the output gap between Canada and the United States Jan 13, 2005
Productivity growth by industry Dec 20, 2004
Study: National output versus domestic output: A measure of economic maturity? Dec 16, 2004
Study: Water use and the performance of the Canadian economy Dec 1, 2004
Study: Canada-US productivity performance in the Information Age Nov 23, 2004

Latest news releases in The Daily

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