Economic accounts

Income and expenditure accounts

Incomes earned in current economic production and final sales of current production, for the four sectors of the economy: personal, business, government, and non-resident. Corporate profits, wages and salaries, personal expenditures on goods and services, exports, and imports, are examples. Provides the measure of Gross Domestic Product, from both the expenditure and income sides.

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Study: The effect of the recent decline in commodity prices on the Canadian economy Dec 22, 2016
Pension Satellite Account Dec 15, 2016
Gross domestic product, income and expenditure Nov 30, 2016
Stock and consumption of fixed capital Nov 18, 2016
Provincial and territorial economic accounts Nov 9, 2016
Provincial and territorial economic accounts: Government revenue, expenditure and budgetary balance May 16, 2016
Purchasing power parities Nov 3, 2015
National gross domestic product by income and expenditure accounts: Annual revision Nov 5, 2014
Culture Satellite Account Sep 10, 2014
The World Bank International Comparison Program for purchasing power: Overall ranking of countries May 9, 2014
Study: Reconciling Canadian-U.S. measures of household disposable income and household debt Dec 3, 2012
Study: Contribution of financial corporations to aggregate corporate income Oct 17, 2012
Study: Income of Canadian Households Oct 1, 2012
Satellite account of non-profit institutions and volunteering Dec 17, 2010
Gambling Aug 27, 2010
Provincial and territorial debt service ratio Jan 25, 2010
Study: Differences in Canadian and US income levels Dec 10, 2009
Study: Cyclical changes in output and employment May 14, 2009
Study: Terms of trade in Central Canada Dec 11, 2008
Study: The terms of trade and domestic expenditures Jan 17, 2008
Study: Growth in real income in Canada and the United States Nov 22, 2007
Study: Year end review of the economy Apr 12, 2007
Provincial and territorial gross domestic product Apr 26, 2006
Non-profit institutions and volunteering: Economic contribution Dec 12, 2005
Multifactor productivity Jul 15, 2005
Study: National output versus domestic output: A measure of economic maturity? Dec 16, 2004

Latest news releases in The Daily

— Displaying 1 to 26 of 26  matches (showing most recent)