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For governments, businesses, and individuals alike, every change in the price of a barrel of oil, a month’s rent, or even a loaf of bread has an impact on how we spend—and earn—our money. Statistics Canada tracks these and many other price movements using a number of key indexes. Show more...

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Traveller Accommodation Services Price Index Aug 11, 2017
New Housing Price Index Aug 10, 2017
Apartment Building Construction Price Index Aug 8, 2017
Electric Power Selling Price Index Aug 8, 2017
Non-residential Building Construction Price Index Aug 8, 2017
Canadian international merchandise trade Aug 4, 2017
Chain Fisher real export and import values Aug 4, 2017
Export and import price indexes Aug 4, 2017
Farm product prices Aug 4, 2017
Canadian foreign post indexes Aug 3, 2017
Couriers and Messengers Services Price Index Jul 31, 2017
Industrial product and raw materials price indexes Jul 31, 2017
Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing Services Price Index Jul 28, 2017
Consulting Services Price Index Jul 28, 2017
Consumer Price Index Jul 21, 2017
Construction Union Wage Rate Index Jul 20, 2017
New Lending Services Price Index Jul 14, 2017
Farm Input Price Index Jul 11, 2017
Commercial Rents Services Price Index Jul 6, 2017
For-hire Motor Carrier Freight Services Price Index Jun 30, 2017
Farm Product Price Index Jun 6, 2017
Architectural, Engineering and Related Services Price Index Jun 2, 2017
Machinery and Equipment Price Index May 25, 2017
Retail Services Price Index, fourth quarter 2016 May 18, 2017
Wholesale Services Price Index May 18, 2017
Infrastructure Construction Price Index May 5, 2017
Canadian international merchandise trade: Annual review, 2016 May 4, 2017
Investment Banking Services Price Index Apr 27, 2017
Passenger Air Services Price Index Jan 26, 2017
Consumer Price Index: Annual review Jan 20, 2017
Study: The effect of the recent decline in commodity prices on the Canadian economy Dec 22, 2016
Accounting Services Price Index Dec 9, 2016
Informatics professional services price indexes Dec 9, 2016
Electric Utility Construction Price Index Apr 2, 2015
Consumer Price Index: New basket weights Feb 20, 2015
Study: Provincial convergence and divergence in Canada Feb 12, 2015
Exploring the first century of Canada's Consumer Price Index Feb 6, 2015
Machinery and Equipment Price Index: Basket update Nov 6, 2014
Study: Net worth of the household sector: A Canada–United States comparison Aug 20, 2014
Study: National saving in Canada and the United States Jun 26, 2014
Consumer prices at a glance Jun 20, 2014
Industrial product and raw materials price indexes: Annual review Mar 3, 2014
Exchange-rate-adjusted prices in Canada Jan 20, 2014
Industrial product and raw materials price indexes: Basket update Dec 10, 2013
Consulting Engineering Services Price Index Dec 2, 2013
Variants of the North American Product Classification System – Canada 2012 for the industrial product and raw materials price indexes Nov 15, 2013
Study: Global movements in consumer price indexes May 30, 2013
Consumer Price Index: Basket update and Enhancement Initiative Jan 25, 2013
Study: Canada's dual crude oil market and the influence on changes in gasoline prices Nov 23, 2012
Study: Comparing Canadian and US price levels Jan 4, 2012
Consumer Price Index: A preview of the upcoming basket update May 4, 2011
International merchandise trade: Annual review Apr 3, 2009
Consumer prices: The year 2008 in review Mar 23, 2009
Study: Terms of trade in Central Canada Dec 11, 2008
Study: Over a barrel? Canada and the rising cost of energy Aug 14, 2008
Study: Consumer prices, the year in review Jun 26, 2008
Current economic conditions May 22, 2008
Study: The new underground economy of resources Oct 11, 2007
Study: Not Dutch Disease, it's China syndrome Aug 16, 2007
Consumer Price Index: 2005 basket at April 2007 prices Jun 8, 2007
Study: Recent trends in the Canadian lumber industry Jun 7, 2007
International trade price indexes Jun 1, 2007
Study: Domestic and foreign influences on Canadian prices over exchange rate cycles Nov 8, 2006
Study: An analysis of consumer prices May 17, 2006
Study: Trends in the prices of rurality Mar 22, 2006
Telecommunications services price indexes Sep 2, 2005
Study: Does inflation vary with income? Jun 17, 2005
Study: Is inflation higher for seniors? May 17, 2005
Education Price Index Mar 11, 2005
Study: Do prices charged by manufacturers in Canada and the United States move together over time? Feb 15, 2005

Latest news releases in The Daily

— Displaying 1 to 70 of 70  matches (showing most recent)