Families, households and housing

Family types

The formation and characteristics of family units and reproductive behaviour, including married and common-law couples (opposite-sex and same-sex, with and without children at home); lone-parent families; nuclear families; economic families; births; fertility patterns of women; adoptions; multi-generational families; blended families and stepfamilies; Show more...

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Families, households and marital status: Key results from the 2016 Census Aug 2, 2017
2016 Census of Population advisory: Families, households and marital status, and Language Jul 26, 2017
Canadian Megatrends: The changing profile of stay-at-home parents Sep 28, 2016
Study: Employment patterns of families with children, 1976 to 2014 Jun 24, 2015
Study: Grandparents living with their grandchildren Apr 14, 2015
Study: Mixed unions in Canada Jun 17, 2014
General Social Survey on Families Apr 19, 2013
Study: Living apart together Mar 5, 2013
Study: Profile of parents in stepfamilies Oct 18, 2012
2011 Census of Population advisory: Families, households, marital status, structual type of dwelling and collectives Sep 12, 2012
Study: Leave practices of parents after the birth or adoption of young children Jul 30, 2012
Study: Debt and family type Apr 21, 2011
Study: Family work patterns Aug 25, 2009
Study: Employment growth among lone mothers in Canada and the United States Mar 7, 2008
Study: Staying at home longer to become homeowners Dec 11, 2007
Study: Changes and challenges for Canada's residential real estate landlords May 25, 2007
Study: Earnings instability Oct 20, 2006
Study: Interreligious unions Oct 3, 2006
Study: Pension coverage and retirement savings of Canadian families Sep 26, 2006
Study: Wives as primary breadwinners Aug 23, 2006
Study: Fleeing the parental nest to independence Aug 1, 2006
Study: The death of a spouse and the impact on income Jul 10, 2006
Study: Family income and the well-being of children May 11, 2006
Communities Survey Apr 6, 2006
Study: Low wage and low income Apr 6, 2006
Study: Parents with adult children living at home Mar 21, 2006
Study: Divorce and the mental health of children Dec 13, 2005
Research Data Centres: Labour market outcomes Nov 10, 2005
Study: Socio-economic status and obesity in children Nov 4, 2005
Study: Mature singles who don't expect to marry Jun 7, 2005
National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth: Cycle 5 - Custody File May 9, 2005
National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth: Home environment, income and child behaviour Feb 21, 2005
Study: Links between symptoms of depression among young people and relationships with others Feb 16, 2005
Child care Feb 7, 2005

Latest news releases in The Daily

— Displaying 1 to 34 of 34  matches (showing most recent)