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The retail industry is primarily engaged in selling consumer goods and related services to the general public. Retailers come in all shapes and sizes, from large chain stores and car dealerships to small independent stores as well as catalogue and Internet retailers. Show more...

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Retail trade Mar 20, 2015
Wholesale trade Mar 18, 2015
Monthly Survey of Large Retailers Mar 17, 2015
New motor vehicle sales Mar 13, 2015
Quarterly Retail Commodity Survey Jan 15, 2015
Retail trade annual review Nov 27, 2014
Retail at a glance: E-commerce sales Jul 8, 2014
Control and sale of alcoholic beverages Apr 10, 2014
Annual retail trade Mar 26, 2014
Annual wholesale trade Mar 26, 2014
Retail at a glance: E-commerce sales Sep 23, 2013
Study: Market share in the retail trade sector Jul 31, 2009
Study: The year in review for wholesale trade May 29, 2008
Study: How the provinces fared in retail trade May 26, 2008
Annual Retail Non-store Survey May 22, 2008
Current economic conditions May 22, 2008
Study: New motor vehicle sales, year in review Apr 23, 2008
Study: Christmas shopping, 2006 in review Dec 6, 2007
Study: Year-end review of retail sales and competition for market share Jul 25, 2007
Study: Canada's oil and gas industries May 23, 2007
Study: Wholesale trade, the year in review May 10, 2007
Study: Retail gift cards Dec 4, 2006
Study: Competing for the retail drug market Sep 18, 2006
Retail Store Survey Aug 2, 2006
Study: A review of wholesale trade Apr 28, 2006
Annual Wholesale Trade Survey Apr 12, 2006
Study: Canadian retailers competing for the consumer's food dollar Apr 11, 2006
Non-store retailers Mar 27, 2006
Study: Christmas shopping, a provincial perspective Dec 7, 2005
Study: Retail trade since the turn of the millennium Oct 17, 2005
Small area retail trade estimates Oct 14, 2005
Study: Gift cards May 24, 2005
Study: Wholesalers a key link in the economy Apr 27, 2005
Study: Consumer holiday shopping patterns Dec 9, 2004

Latest news releases in The Daily

— Displaying 1 to 34 of 34  matches (showing most recent)